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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Everyone says you should be on WordPress. But what they don’t tell is there’s more than one WordPress. And there are a million different WordPress options. So let’s talk about what you really need when it comes to WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

The main difference here is who is hosting your site. With WordPress.com, they are hosting your site. This is the free option. If you don’t want to invest a single penny into your blog, this is the option for you. However, you will not be able to do a ton on your website. And there will be ads placed on the site that you will not receive income from.
WordPress.org is when you host your site yourself. This is what you want when people talk about having a WP website. This is the best way to go. This gives you full control of your website. Why do you want full control? Let’s your little blog start out as a blog and eventually turns into a course? It’s happened on more than one occasion. By hosting your own website (which costs pennies a day), you can make that happen.

WordPress.com Upgrades

If you have a free blog with WordPress.com. They have different pricing ranging from $3 to $25 per month. However, since hosting your website yourself costs only around $4 – $10 per month, it’s much easier for you to just host your website yourself. Please note also if you are already paying for hosting, you don’t need to pay for this as well!

What type of hosting do you need?

You will see a lot of hosting companies out there saying they have special wp hosting. You don’t need it. All you need is basic hosting packages with unlimited space. I recommend Dreamhost since they give you amazing rates and tech support.

Here are some other packages as well you can look at:

  • Peak Source Hosting – the cloud host plan works well for beginners who don’t have huge websites
  • Bluehost – Here I would recommend getting the Plus package.
  • GoDaddy – The Deluxe Hosting package will be fine in Godaddy.
  • Dreamhost – this is what I currently use

I would not recommend HostGator as they don’t have very good support and you can even end up paying additional fees for simple things like a backup restore.

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