Squarespace: Why you should use it (and why you should not)

why you should squarespace (And why You Should Not)

Squarespace is a simple, easy to use beautiful platform that lets you build your website with virtually zero maintenance. 

There are no updates to run. You can connect easily with things like acuity for scheduling, mailchimp for your email list, and Instagram to display your feed. 

Customizing squarespace is a bit tricky so I alway recommend sticking as close to the template as possible. You do have a drag and drop builder that is easy to use but takes a bit of time to get used to. 

With squarespace you can build:

  • a blog
  • A shop 
  • A portfolio website 
  • An events website 

What’s the difference between squarespace and the others?

With squarespace you pay a monthly fee based on what features you need. All plans come with a free domain name, seo tools, and a mobile optimized site. 

From there you can pick higher level plans like shop functionality, g-suite for email, Instagram stores, and other add ons. 

See squarespace pricing

How does it work? 

Getting started with squarespace takes minutes. Simple create your account, select your domain name, pick your theme, and start building your website. 

From there you can connect the different apps and integrations you need for your site. 

Where to find your theme

Squarespace has an incredible library of templates you can choose from. However there are also plenty of places online where you can purchase premium themes as well. 

Some of these even offer installation for you. 

Squarespace integrations 

Squarespace also offers plugins for more functionality with your website. Many of these are related to design as well to give you features like sidebars, fancy light boxes, up sells, and so many more. 

Unlike WordPress, you don’t actually need plugins to make your site work. Squarespace already integrates with the most popular apps out there like mailchimp, gsuite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, stripe, PayPal, and so many more. 

How to know if this is the right platform for you


  • you want a hassle free website that requires no maintenance 
  • You want a website that is already mobile friendly 
  • You want a website that is already seo ready 
  • You don’t have specific design requests 
  • You want a simple website that runs itself 


  • you want complete control of your website files to make modifications 
  • You want to have full control over the design 
  • You need a complex website that can do multiple things 
  • You need multiple websites 
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