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why you should not use WordPress (AND WHY YOU SHOULD)

WordPress is a great platform to bloggers and those who are heavy into content creation. This website right here is built on WordPress.

It is great for those who want full control over the design of their site.

But you will need to have ideally on staff someone to maintain your site for you. Or at least someone who can run your updates and offer basic assistance like our angel package.

It is an all in one system in that it can be a:

  • blog
  • Shop
  • Membership
  • Course
  • Podcast
  • Funnels

What’s the difference between WordPress and the others?

Other platforms host your website files for you. With website you will need separate hosting (this is where you will need to spend money). Again, your website, as pretty as it may look, is really just a giant file folder similar to what is on your desktop that holds all the files that make up your website. The difference with WordPress is that you actually have access to these files when you need them. You may never need them but you certainly might someday.

Host options

How does it work?

With WordPress, you have a backend dashboard and a page builder. The page builder is what you will use to design your pages and blog posts. There are many different ones out there that give you full visual drag and drop ability (i.e. you can see your designs as you build them) and others that are less visual but you can still build beautiful pages and blogs.

Page builder options:

How to design your website in WordPress

Your website look is heavily determined by your theme. When selecting your theme I recommend browsing for themes that really have the look and feel you want. It will make designing your website with WordPress that much easier.

Where to find your theme

How to make your website work on WordPress

Plugins are the things that make your website work. Whatever you want your website to do (take payments, sign people up to your mailing list, make them buy cute tee shirts for their dogs), there is a plugin for that.

Plugins I install on every website

Other plugins

How to know if this is the right platform for you

You should use WordPress if:

  • you plan to blog frequently (weekly or more)
  • You can or have someone who can run weekly maintenance for you
  • You want 100% control over the design of your website
  • Design is very important for your website (I.e. your website has to look gorgeous)
  • You’ve outgrown your current website platform

You should not use wordpress if:

  • you need your website up fast
  • You have a lot of physical products to sell
  • You want your courses and funnels all in one place
  • You don’t really plan to blog much
  • You just need your website as a point of reference for potential clients
  • You want a website that requires zero maintenance

If you’re not sure if WordPress is for you, check out our article here about picking the right website platform, or download our free website starter kit to help you make the 3 key decisions you need to make before you start building your website.

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