Website Platforms: Which one should you choose?

What platform should you choose for your website

Raise your hand if you’ve heard someone say any of the following:

“Wordpress is the worst. You should be on squarespace!”

“Divi is what you should be building your website on!”

“Your website could really use a refresh. It looks a bit outdated”

“I tried to buy something on your shop but I don’t think it’s working…”

Time and time again, I have clients coming to me because they had someone build them a website. They followed all the advice. They spent all the money. And they have zero clue what it really does or if it really works.

Most of the time, they’re problems weren’t the advice. Not even the designers or developers themselves. Building a website today in 2020 is a lot more complicated than it was ten years ago. I’ve been building websites since 2008 so I can confidently tell you it’s definitely not like it used to be.

There are a lot of benefits to all these changes but it all comes to one thing. Understanding your options to make the best decision for your website.

When you decide on a school for your children, do you just pick the one your BFF told you about at Starbucks? No! You do your research. You visit the schools. You speak with the teachers. You even go through an application process.

I’m guessing this is a similar process for most important events in your life. I did about a week of research before buying my new couch last month.

So when it comes to your website, your virtual version of a physical location for your business, you should know all the facts. You should know your options. Especially with all the amazing options out there.

I spent years focusing on WordPress. But even I have seen the other options out there and there’s a lot to consider.

When clients come to me, the first thing we do is look at what they need and want from their website and see which option can work for them. And they pick the platform. I simple guide them to the right information so they can make that decision.

So today I’m going to give you a quick overview of the top five website platforms out there right now. If you have any questions or want more information, pick up my free website starter kit here.

WordPress, website platformPIN IT


Who is this best for: Bloggers and coaches

Benefits: Great for content creators because of SEO

Things to know: Requires a bit of time and effort for the learning curve but definitely worth it in the end. Also there are 2 different types of WordPress. You can learn about them here.

Tips and tricks: Check out the Elementor builder to an easy drag and drop builder

Learn more about WordPress Here

squarespacePIN IT


Who is this best for: Portfolio websites, events, yoga and health space

Benefits: Super easy to set up with templates and almost no maintenance required

Things to know: The design templates are amazing when you follow them as is. Connects well with mailchimp and acuity and Instagram.

Tips and tricks: Write your content based off the template. It will make things easier for you and give you a cohesive design

Learn more about Squarespace here

KajabiPIN IT


Who is this for: Course creators

Benefits: Keep all your sales funnels, email marketing, webinars, opt ins, and course content in one easy space. It’s amazing.

Things to know: The backend requires a bit of time to set up but once it’s running it’s virtually maintenance free. Use the templates as your guide.

Tips and tricks: Do things one piece at a time. Start with your opt in. Then your course content (at least the basics). And finally you launching events. Your website can be simple or just your course if that’s all you need.

Learn more about Kajabi here



Who is this for: A brand new business that just wants to have a simple home about and contact page.

Benefits: Can be set up in just a few hours. Easy to use templates. Very simple website builder.

Things to know: It may not connect with all the different systems you need so when you start to notice you are getting frustrated with little things here and there it’s just a sign your business has grown and it’s time to upgrade your website.

Tips and tricks: Keep your website simple. The more you keep your design and functionality on the basic level the better this platform will be for you.

Learn more about Wix

shopifyPIN IT


Who is this for: Physical products and subscription boxes

Benefits: Super easy and simple to get your shop up and running and they have beautiful premium templates as well. You can also easily connect your shop to Facebook and Instagram.

Things to know: They have a pretty basic builder when it comes to uploading products or designing pages but that’s also a benefit for you.

Tips and tricks: Start with uploading your products first. That will make it easier when it comes to the designing of your basic pages. Also let your products be the focus of this website. You won’t need a ton of extra content. Homepage about page and contact page should be enough for you.

Learn more about Shopify here

So there you have it. Full disclosure. I have my blog on WordPress using the Elementor builder. Which platform are you currently using?

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