Website Success Stories

Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing one of our lovely clients fall in love with their website and start seeing results in their business. Check out some our favorite success stories below.

Helen Munshi

Helen came to me last year looking to move her website from Squarespace to WordPress. She really wanted to focus more on SEO and found that her business had just simple outgrown Squarespace. So, we selected a theme from Pix & Hue that she loved and started the process of rebuilding her website in WordPress. There was a bit of learning curve for her but now she loves WordPress and her website.

Hayley Anne Forster

I will confess. Hayley did not want to make this website. She had a thriving Pinterest business but no presence online. After more than a year, I finally convinced her. Since we have built her website, she has created new packages, online programs, and filled out her client list. And most importantly, loves her website.

Business Wonderland

Katie came to me last year. A bit concerned about her site speed and what need to be where on her website. She felt like the design was never quite what she was looking for. So in a single day, we installed a new theme, added her existing content, and poof! Instant beautiful, fast website she loves. She has since created new programs and expanded her marketing.

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Success Stories

Not sure yet just what is truly possible with your website? Come check out some of these incredible success stories!