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Tips on Boosting Link Building Strategies


Link building is crucial for good SEO. Quality content is the basis of everything, but good connections to other sites are what bring you a good reputation among the search engines. Without a well-connected network of relevant websites, you are almost invisible to both search engines and users.

However, even if you have well-developed link building strategies, you have to be very careful. Search engines set their algorithms much more rigidly and are paying much more attention to where links come from and how relevant they are.

Learn to Distinguish Quality from Bad Backlinks

Search engines dictate trends in website optimization. Link building is an essential part of this strategy, and it’s crucial for ranking your site in search results. The more backlinks from other (relevant) web sources lead to your website, the better your position on search results will be.

The word ‘relevant’ is the trace you should follow. Relevant are all links within a topic-specific community that lead to your site. The goal of your strategy should be to get as many of these backlinks as possible but in an organic and secure way.

All search engines are continually updating and changing the rules about what bad connections are. In general, these are all paths to web sources that have nothing to do with your business. What is relevant to others may not be to you, and vice versa.

Also, connections with sites that search engines characterize as bad (due to malware, black hat SEO, explicit content) can harm your reputation in the online world. Search engines (especially Google) don’t like too many reciprocal links either.


Find Broken Links     

‘Reviving’ dead links is one of the simplest yet effective strategies for pushing your website on search engine results. Broken connections are the ones that lead to nonexistent pages, and as such, waste SEO efforts and lead to poor user experience. Having broken links is not good for any website.

Users who click on the URL on some random website, which takes them to a page that shows the error, most likely will just go away. You’ll potentially lose many organic visits. So, for the sake of the common good, look for URLs with mistakes, and try to replace them with working ones. As seen below, don’t forget to check for invalid URLs on your website too:

Use Organic Technique of Link Mentions

The URL to your website may not be the only way to connect with others. These can be references to your company, brand, product, etc. People often discuss and comment on various topics about something they like or dislike. Discussions like these usually take place on social networks, forums, and comment sections. You should perceive these activities as a chance to engage in these conversations.

Following the mentions is a rather simple concept. For doing this, you can use various tools that vary significantly in the prices, features, and platforms they follow. Some of them track the audience (which may also be useful for targeting), while others aim to track the statistics of mentions. More on how to turn unlinked mentions into organic connections find out here.

Become a Niche Leader

It is not easy to become a business leader. To succeed in this, you don’t always have to have the best business results or the best product, but you must be present. People need to talk and discuss you, and if you are the initiator of those discussions, you are well on your way.

There are many ways you can achieve thought leadership. You need specific knowledge about a certain topic and experience, and that you know what you are talking about. If you can bring some new value to your audience, educate them, and encourage them to pay attention, they will want to connect with you. And this is a great way to get organic links.

Good link building needs to be upgraded with good content. These two strategies must be integrated and coordinated. When separated, they have no purpose. The point is not only to correlate with reputable websites but also to provide quality content. It should attract the audience and based on which relevant sources will want to connect with you.

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