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Shopify: start selling online in just 24 hours

If your plan is to sell products online or drop shipping, Shopify is a great platform option for you. It lets you add your products and set up your shop in just a few hours. 

Here’s the best part. There’s virtually no maintenance with Shopify. Just upload your products and start selling. It easily connects with Facebook and Instagram so you can sell on social as well. 

With Shopify you can build:

  • A shop for physical products 
  • Subscription boxes 

What’s the difference between Shopify and the others?

With Shopify, you pay a monthly fee based on many features you need. Their most basic plans start at just $25 per month. Please note these prices are based on the time of writing this post. Shopify is really a platform when the sole focus of your website is to sell physical products without the hassle of maintaining your site. 

See Shopify pricing

How does it work? 

Simply create your account and then follow their set up process to get started. Once you’re ready you can publish your website and share it with the world!

  • Start a free trial of Shopify
  • Add the products you want to sell
  • Create key pages for your store
  • Pick a theme and customize your online store
  • Customize your shipping settings
  • Configure your tax settings
  • Set up your payment gateway and payouts
  • Prepare your store for launch
  • Launch your store

How to know if this is the right platform for you


  • you want your website set up quickly
  • You are a bit scared of tech
  • You know what products you want to sell
  • You want something super easy to set up
  • You want a simple shop that runs itself 


  • you want complete control of your website files to make modifications 
  • You want to have full control over the deShopisign 
  • You need a complex website that can do multiple things 
  • You need multiple websites 

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