All The Resources

Have you ever wished someone would just tell you what to use? Well, I’m not going to that. But I will share with you everything I use and what it’s for and whether it’s right for you!


Website Hosting

I use Dream Host for my websites as I need a bit larger of a server and their customer service is amazing!

WordPress Express

My signature course to help you DIY your website with the power of WordPress


This page. Built with Elementor. Why? Because it's a light weight plugin that is easy to use and has all the features you need.

Astra Theme

What theme am I using? Astra Pro. Why? Because it is fully customisable and let's me create beautiful, fast websites.


Don't you love those little animated videos on my homepage. I made them and so much more on Canva!

Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix has a vast library of images you can use for your website, social media, and so much more!

List Building


I love how easy to use convertkit is and how it integrates with just about everything. It has been a huge help in growing my list.


I use pinterest to drive traffic to my blog and grow my list. Tailwind is an amazing tool for growing your pinterest.


The Members Club

This networking group is run by my mentor, Carrie Green and filled with so much inspiration and more for female entrepreneurs.

Secret Owl Society

The planner girl herself, Michele Rohr, has amazing courses to help you create printables and improve your design skills with ease.

List Builder Society

I've learned so much about list building and courses from Amy Porterfield. She has an incredible course to help you get started.

New Here?

We’ve got you covered. Come see everything you need to know about Stephanie LaTorre Designs and your website.


From free stuff to what you really need for your website, check out our tried and tested resources we love.

Success Stories

Not sure yet just what is truly possible with your website? Come check out some of these incredible success stories!