Quick Tips for Improving Member Retention

If you want to enjoy long-term success with your membership site, member retention is crucial. Here it is Quick Tips for Improving Member Retention. When it comes to holding onto existing customers, it costs seven to ten times less, on average, than to win a new member.

If you are losing more members than you are bringing in, your business won’t be around for long. If you are looking for ways to improve member retention on your membership site, here are several quick tips to help you along.

Improve the Member Onboarding Process

Getting your members off on the right start can significantly increase the chances that they will get results. When you make the onboarding process easy, your members are more likely to stick around for longer.

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Include “Quick Win” Content to Your Site

If you want members to stick around longer, helping them get a positive result is essential. Even the smallest “quick win” content will help you build up goodwill with your members, giving them a reason to stick around longer.

Provide a “Roadmap” to Your Members

Some of your members will need to have their hands held a little more to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Providing them with a roadmap that helps them navigate your site and consume content will help to keep them on track.

Give Members the Ability to Pause Their Membership

Sometimes your members will face short-term circumstances that might require them to take a break from your membership site. Providing them with the option to pause their membership can be significantly better than only giving them the option to cancel their accounts.

Let Members Switch Their Payment Plan

Just like giving your members the ability to pause their membership, providing them with multiple membership tiers and payment structures, and allowing them to downgrade or upgrade their plan can significantly improve member retention. Allowing them to change their payment plan gives them more options if they were considering canceling.

Provide a “Downsell” Option

If a member isn’t able to afford your membership, they will probably end up canceling their membership. However, if you give them the option to “down-sell,” or move to a cheaper version of your membership, it could keep them as active members. A more affordable version of your membership might not have as many of the features or content, but it is more cost-effective, helping to retain more members.

The only way you will end up running a successful membership site is if you can find a way to improve member retention. Use these quick tips to make the most out of your website and keep your members happy.

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