Since 2018, I have been mentoring female entrepreneurs around the world to build an online business and reach their goals

My Journey

From the busy life in New Jersey to the beach in southern Italy.

I have always been very fortunate in life. I had a wonderful family growing up who made sure I had the best education and opportunities available. And I am so grateful for them for that. But despite having a thriving career in country club management at the young age of 24, I always knew that I wasn’t where I belonged.

When I found out that I was eligible for residency and citizenship here in Italy through my family, something stronger than myself took over. I quit my job, sold my life, and moved to the beach in southern Italy. I didn’t speak the language. I barely knew my relatives here. I just knew that I was supposed to come here and start my business online.

It was not easy. It took years of hard work and some humiliating experiences but I am so proud of my journey and all that I have accomplished. Now, I want to give back and help other female entrepreneurs create their online businesses and accomplish all of their goals.

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