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I Wish I Would Have Known About These When I Started My Business

I didn’t really decide to go into business. I decided I wanted to do some kind of consulting work years ago. And that leads me to start talking to people about how they should run their business. Which lead me to actually helping them with their business. Which lead me to learn more about how I could help them with their business. Which lead me to learn more about digital marketing. Which lead me to become a digital marketing consultant. But I had no intention of starting out as one. As both my business and I grew, we found many little tweaks and tricks that helped. But it took about a million wrong turns before we got there. So there are things I wish I had known about when I started my business.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you know that I am in love with asana. I use it for everything. It totally helps me organize my tasks. I get to make sub-tasks. I can assign them to my VA. I can share them with my mastermind ladies. I use them for client work. It’s basically the first thing I set up with a new client actually. Since I like to live my life on checklists, I have all of the tasks set up by the day. So since Monday is my social media day, I have a Monday task with all the social media stuff that needs to get done on Mondays. Then, even those tasks have sub-tasks. Then I either assign it to myself or to my VA and through our special magic, all the tasks get done. (P.S. If you haven’t read the E-Myth yet, Read it now!!!)

Coach me

I like to do yoga and meditate every day. I also like to go for a walk and get a workout done every day. And I need to remember to take my vitamins. Do I do them every single day? I am going, to be honest. No, I do not. Saturdays and Sundays there are no workouts or yoga. If I’m sick, there’s no meditating or working out. If it’s raining, there is no walk happening. And as a fellow human being of the world, I sometimes forget to take my vitamins. Ooops! Coach me is a great little app where I can check off all the things I wanted to do and see if I actually did them. Plus they don’t have to be things I wanted to do 7 days a week. I can make 5 or 3 days in the week as my goal instead. I’m totally in control. They also have really cool programs. I did a 30-day house cleaning challenge that was loads of fun once. Hey, I’ve gotta get my fun where I can in life!

Classy Career Girl

So this program literally changed my life. Anna’s Corporate Rescue Plan Membership site was an amazing eye-opener for me. She has created such an incredible network of women and resources. Through her program, I found my mastermind group who are absolute without a doubt the greatest fempreneurs on the planet! The reason joining her group was so incredible was that I was no longer doing it alone. I had a healthy network of women just like me supporting me and who I could help support as well.

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