Blog | How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Today I am talking to all my blogger people out there! Personally, I love blogging. It’s like talking to a friend every day. It’s where I get to share my ideas and thoughts and tips and help and reach thousands of people every day. But if I don’t format my blogs in a certain way, they won’t reach anyone. So here are my tips on how to write the perfect blog post.

Use headings like this one

Google likes headings. They want to see them in the post. Otherwise, they tend to push it down in their search ranks. But there is an even more important reason for using them. It’s your readers. Reading on a screen is different from reading a book. In a print book, you can have lots of little text like this on there and people will still read it. On a screen, people tend to skim more than reading. So on these headings, you want to put your main points out there. If you are writing a post on how you think puppies are cute, that should be one of your headings. So that even if someone is just glancing at your post, they will know that you think puppies are cute. Because they are.

Add images and media

Again, this is all about design and making it easy for your readers. Add images. Add videos. Add additional colors and things that make it visually appealing. People like pretty. They don’t like messy. At least not on a website.

Write like you are talking to your friend

This is not college. You will not be graded on this. In theory. Your blog posts don’t have to sound like you have 10 doctorate degrees. They should sound like you are talking to a friend. Whenever someone is stuck on what to write for their blog post I use this tip. Think of a question you get asked all the time. How would you answer that question if you were talking to a client or a friend? That’s how you should write your blog post.

Take advantage of this blog checklist and create an awesome post in a matter of minutes. Go from draft to published blog post in less time than ever before.