Goals | How to Plan Your Goals

If you have ever been in any kind of corporate or university setting, you know what they talk about. Goals. Goal setting. Vision boards. You know the drill. But I have to admit, this one does hold water. Each month I set my goals and create a plan for them. Here are some tips on how to go about planning your goals.

Make both professional and personal goals

Each month I come up with not only professional goals I would like to accomplish but also personal ones. My personal ones might be as simple as finish redecorating the guest room or run three times a week. But the idea here is to create some goals on how to improve me both professionally and personally.

Only set 3 goals per month

Why three? Because it’s the magic number of course! No really, three is just enough. It gives you enough to work on but also not too much to focus on. If you are anything like me, you want everything done yesterday. But unless you focus on one thing at a time, you will never get anything done. That’s why each month I only look at 3 things to accomplish. One step at a time.

Set Weekly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Goals

Last December I went super goal planning crazy. I planned my whole 2017. I went through each month and wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish that month. I broke it up into Quarters. I went and planned my whole business this way. Then I did the same thing for my vacations, home improvements, learning, courses, spiritual, health. All the things I wanted to realize this year. I wrote them down and planned them out. Otherwise, they won’t get done.
That’s the key. Planning out your goals. That’s why I created this super awesome goal planner. This is the exact method I use to plan out my courses, programs, events, everything.

Use this proven method to complete your goals and get more done. It includes a goal planning section, a goal map, a goal task list, and a goal review. Download yours for free today!