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How to Create the Perfect Homepage

You want the perfect homepage for your business to attract customers. Although simple in design (at least the good ones are) coming up with a great homepage requires a lot of thought and work, which is one reason most businesses hire web designers. Without the requisite knowledge, there is plenty of things that can go askew. In fact, there’s a good chance that a visitor will only ever see your homepage and that is why it is critical that they at least understand who you are and what you have to offer from the homepage.

At its heart, there are four things that a great homepage must do:

  1. Introduce who you are ( What is your company, product, or service about? )
  2. What do you do? ( Explain to people what you do for the users )
  3. Explain how you are better than your competitors. This is extremely essential, and the sooner you can explain this, the more likely you will achieve your goals.
  4. Finally, what is your call to action (what do you want your interested customers to do? Call you? Email you? Request an information package or request a quote.

These, coupled with the appropriate menu area, are the start of a good home page.

Interior elements of a homepage

While the objectives are clear, how you go about accomplishing the objectives comprises the art of design. Ideally, you want your homepage to be comprised of different sections. I’ve outlined each section and it’s purpose below for you.

Top Hero Image

A Top hero image is a large banner image photo, with various processes embedded within. For example, Car Max Buys and Sells Cars, They use different top hero images, showing happy customers driving a car with a few words of selling.

The present call to action message is:

Introducing the Love your Car Guarantee. Superimposed with the simple but powerful statements, 24-hour test drive….30 day returns. and then a bold Call to Action box, Find Your Car.

Within seconds, Carmax has identified what they do and why they do it better than the rest, and invite you to enjoy the benefits.

Next is a Welcome Section

The bigger and the more well-known the company, the less the welcome section is really necessary, but for a small services company, knowing a bit about why you are passionate about field is probably necessary.

Services Box Section

Here you will want to feature exactly what you have to offer. This is critically important because this will quickly tell your customer all the best services you provide.

About Section

This section is all about you! Not the business. Let your visitors see the person or people behind the website. Again, the about section is optional, but if you do elect to use it, make it short and sweet. 

Testimonial Section

When you are first starting out, you may not have testimonials and that is fine. But as you grow, this will be a crucial part of your websites content. The more you have in testimonials, the more real and authentic you feel to customers.

Call to Action Section

Your website should have a single primary purpose. Book a call. Sign up for your lead magnet. Check out this free trial. Buy a t-shirt. What ever it maybe, this is where you want to make sure that your visitors know what to do and can easily do it!

Blog Section

While your blog is ultimately up to you if you decide to have one, I highly recommend them if only for SEO value. On the bottom of your homepage you should feature your 3 most recent blog posts as a way to let them get to know what you stand for and how you can help.

So there you have it! That’s my not so secret formula for a perfect homepage. Take a look at your homepage and see if it has these items or if there are any you would like to add. Want more? Check out our free website starter kit and learn the three key decisions you should know before you start building your website.


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