How To Create The Perfect Contact Page

Every part of your local web page for a small or medium-sized business and something often overlooked is the contact page. But the contact page is extremely important because few people will actually order a product or service without having important questions to answers.

What is a contact page?

A contact page is a clickable part of your web page that allows people to know directly how to contact you. By telephone, directly by email, by filling out a form for you to complete so the company can call or email you. Sometimes a Skype or Facebook Messenger contact.

Why do you need a contact page?

As mentioned earlier, very few people will purchase a product or service without having any number of questions up their sleeve. In addition, some people, not exactly trusting a company will want to just touch base with a live human being in order to assure themselves the company is legit.

Most importantly, your contact page is a place where people can contact you regarding media events including featuring you in a magazine. Most companies won’t bother spending more than a few minutes looking at ways to contact you. This means by not having a contact page, you could be missing out on free PR and media events.

What to include on your contact page

There are some elements that are essential for a good contact page. First, the name of your company should be highlighted. By all means, don’t hide your name. Second, you’ll want to include your physical address. This gets tricky for some multi-level companies, and we also recognize that for example if you are a pharmaceutical company, that you may not want people just showing up at your front gate.

Some companies are just not set up to host visitors. But at the least have a mailing address or a post office box. Your telephone number or numbers are of course essential. If you have more than one phone number, limit the numbers to three. You don’t want to bog your contact page down with a list the size of a phone book.

Of course, your email address is essential. Some companies will require you to send an email through a form, but most companies decide that are too many hoops for a customer to go through.

If you are concerned about spam, a simple captcha device is okay. Just don’t make it too complicated. Also, if you are going to accept visitors, and most companies do, they post not only your business hours but include a map of how to get to your location. Also, include a photo on your contact page. 

In my course, , I have a custom template you can use for your contact page so you can have yours up and running in a matter of minutes.

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