How to Create the Perfect Blog Page

A good blog post is far more than just a page filler on your website to remind people who you are. If you are lucky, a great blog post can go viral, get into the top 10 on Google’s Algorithm, and attract a ton of organic traffic. In addition, having a great blog can establish you as an expert, a go-to guy, or a gal that people trust. That’s why one of the most important pages that should be on your menu bar is your blog page.

What is a blog page?

A blog page is also known as an archive or category page. It is separate from your individual blogs. It shows a summary of your most recent blog posts. While your other pages on your website are about your services or you, your blog is about connecting with your audience. It is where you are giving your most valuable content each week.

Why do you need one?

Your blog page shows all of your blogs in an easy-to-search format. Since your blogs are all about communicating with your audience and ranking for SEO, your page will allow them to easily see your most recent content. As new visitors come to your website, it is also a great way for them to see your most recent content and connect with you.

What to include on it

This page should be set up to automatically show your latest blogs as they are published. You can also set it so that your favorite blogs are showing on top. There are other options that include having category pages.  

How to create your one

Add a new page to your website and call it Blog. Then you can either go to settings and set it as your page for your blog or you can customize the page to show your most recent blog posts.

In my course, WordPress Express, I have a custom template you can use for your blog page and a whole bonus all about how to keep up with your blog and make the whole process fun and easy.