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How To Create The Perfect About Page

There are many elements in creating the perfect web page as a whole. One of those elements is creating a great “About” page.

What is an about page

Your about page sets the groundwork for who you are, perhaps tells a little bit about your struggles relevant to the business (nobody but the weirdest potential customer who goes on your plumbing site cares a hoot about your near addiction to shitake mushrooms or your huge ball of tin foil that you have been collecting for years.)

Why do you need an about page

First, because if people don’t know you, no amount of pretty graphics or pictures or testimonials will tell people what you are about and why you are an expert.

Your about page will probably not be your most visited page, but it is still critically important because without establishing some type of personal connection with your visitors you are just another business among hundreds in their city and thousands in your country.

And if you get it right, it will position you into place as a strong, go-to expert in your industry. Therefore don’t skip this step.

What to include on your about page

The first thing to do is come up with a compelling story. Telling folks that you went into the plumbing business because you heard that plumbers make a lot of money is not exactly inspiring.

Talk about your passion for the business. How satisfied customers are when you resolve their plumbing problems promptly and efficiently.

Secondly make your story your customer’s story. Yes, a little about you and your passion for the business is essential, but remember, customers, come to you for relief from their problems, big and small. By concentrating on your customer’s needs and explaining exactly how you can resolve them, that makes your about page effective.

Next share your mission, values, qualifactions, and all the ways that show exactly why you love doing what you do. And make sure that really connect with your viewer.

Fourth is make it short. An about page should be 500 words or less. Or if you use video to introduce yourself or your business, two minutes or less. If you go on too long, there will be a huge drop-off.

Finally, have a call to action. Okay, you’ve got a compelling store, turned your story into how you can help your customer’s needs, and have used plenty of powerful words.

What’s next? Your customers need to be led to take the next step. What exactly to you want them to do or where do you want them to go. Tell them if you want to make your about page complete.

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