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How do I choose a theme for my website?

Choosing a theme for your website is never an easy task. There are several factors that one must take into account when designing the face of their blog or their business in the cyber space. In order to choose a theme for a website, consider the following criteria for the site:


– Is this website being built for a business? A blog? A fandom of a particular franchise of books or video games?


Websites that are devoted to a business need to follow the same design patterns as the business themselves. For example, if your business is commonly identified by it’s yellow and red patterned uniforms, that same uniform pattern should be present on the website’s theme. Menus inside of a business-themed website need to be clear and concise, with legible font that invokes a sense of capitalism.


Websites for blogs, games, books, and other media franchises are far more open to being creative with fonts and menus. Liberties can be taken in order to appeal to the more hardcore demographic of the fandom’s website as well.


– Do I want this website to be accessed by the elderly? The youth? Is everyone welcomed?


Consider age-gating your content if the content is designed for eighteen and up visitors. Alternatively, consider that if your website is designed for children to visit and participate within, you need to make sure that you have some form of popup reminding the child that they will need a guardian’s permission to visit your site.


Keep in mind that you use appropriate language for your audience when designing the theme of your website. No child will understand the word, “Verbose”. On the other side of that spectrum, few elderly internet surfers will understand the slang word, “Yeet”.\


– What is my budget?


If your budget is rather low when considering a theme for your website, you may want to pick up some HTML courses and learn to do it yourself! DIY is an aesthetic all upon it’s own, however, I would not recommend doing that for your business website. Business sites demand high budgets for their web theme design and their look should reflect that. Alternatively, fandom sites and blogs can be more bare bones in design and still look great!


And there you have it folks! I hope these tips and tricks helped you on your path to designing the ultimate theme for your website.

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