Email marketing mistakes to avoid

Your ability to craft good emails in your email marketing campaign can make or break your business, you’ve worked hard setting up your business funnel, drawing tons of traffic and converting them into leads. Now’s left the difficult task of making profits through your email marketing campaign.

Here are some mistakes in email marketing you’ll have to avoid at all costs or you’ll potentially be leaving tons of money on the table:

  • Using spammy looking headlines. If you send emails with spammy looking headlines such as those that contain the words sex, Viagra and drugs, your emails will get caught in the spam filters and you’ll have a much lower delivery rate overall.
  • Using long weird looking affiliate links. It’s good to make affiliate income but you must bear in mind, many affiliates are long an unsightly. The solution? Use an affiliate link cloaking software or a url shortener such as TinyURL or
  • Using long email width length. Ideally, the length from left to right for the text of your emails should be no longer than 200 characters. This will help you to improve readability and usability. People have a tendency to scroll up and down rather than left to right.
  • Too much hardsell. Treating your customers right is important, and while making profits is important as well, it should not go at the expense of your readers attention. A good guideline would be to send 1 promo offer for every 9 emails of valuable content. That way, you can “train” your readers to lookout for your emails for good stuff everytime you send something and not opt out from your list.

In short, strive to provide the utmost value through your email marketing campaign and you will be paid in direct proportion to the amount of value you provide. There are no shortcuts to success.