Dream Website

Imagine if you will. A world where you are excited to send people to your website. Where it’s all done and looks amazing. And not only that, people are signing up to your list everyday and interacting with you on Instagram. And YES you are getting new people in your programs and selling your courses or products. We would love to make that a reality for you with our Dream Website Package.

Program Overview

Answering Your Questions

We currently are booked for 30 days in advanced. Once you have submitted your application, you will be added to our waitlist for our next availability. Considerations are made for such things as launching new products and programs.

Our team is here for you Monday through Friday. We generally respond within 24 to 48 hours for any given request. During the program you will have a dedicated project manager who you will meet with weekly for 4 weeks until your website is launched.

Personally, we love working with coaches, course creators, membership creators, authors, and new entrepreneurs of all kinds. We love helping to guide you and turn your brand and content into a beautiful website. We know you have amazing gifts to share with the world and we want to help you do so.

One of our biggest success is in regards to creating websites that users find easy to navigate and understand. We also want to make sure that your site is found and indexed by Google to help you get the ball rolling on SEO.

Currently, we are only creating websites using WordPress with the Elementor builder. We are not accepting projects for Squarespace, Wix, Kajabi, Shopify, Divi, or other themes. We believe very much in WordPress and Elementor and want you to have the very best of the best. So if WordPress is the right choice for you, we can help. But if not, that’s ok too! We have several people we can recommend you to. Just reach out on our contact page.

Our clients want to feel supported. They want to be a part of the creative process without having the deal with the tech. Our entire program is designed around keeping them involved with our weekly meetings and progress updates while helping them to see the process and how it is all coming together. The work is done by our incredible team who has trained with me for the last several years and all of the design work is done based on my design and UX experience of the last 10 years.

Once your site is up and running (Yay!), we do have a monthly maintenance package that can help with things like updates, security breaches, and strategy. You can find out more about that program right here.

Our team is available for you Monday through Friday. We know. We escaped the 9 to 5 just to make a new 9 to 5???? I’m happy to say that is not the case. While we don’t necessarily work set hours (besides our meeting schedules), we do make ourselves available during the week. We like to save the weekends for beaches, relaxing, and family.

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