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Does My In-House SEO Team Need Training From Sacramento SEO Professionals?

Given how important Search Engine Optimization has become with regards to the success of any business, the question of whether or not these optimization processes should be handled in-house or outsourced has continued to rage. The issue was recently discussed in some detail in an article on Forbes which you can read here.

The purpose of this article is however not to lend its voice to this argument but to focus on businesses that already have in-house SEO departments (or think they do) and are looking for ways to increase their capacity. Though we are obviously focusing on business based in Sacramento, the concepts we will share will be applicable globally.

Since the title of this article is a question which does not have one answer that will be correct across the board, we shall attempt to provide a case-by-case answer by throwing up a couple of questions of our own. We believe that by answering these questions, you will answer the main question as it pertains to your particular situation.

Here we go…

Do You Really Have an SEO Team?

At the risk of sounding a bit mischievous, we want to start with this question. The title presupposes that one is already in place and may just require some additional training. This will be totally different from a situation where a business just wants to begin to create one.

Before we proceed we should therefore take some time to ensure that your business does indeed have an in-house SEO team such as the one described in this article:

X-Ray of an SEO Team

Let’s try to look at what an SEO department should look like. Obviously a department already means that it consists of a number of individuals. The essence of having a team is so that there can be a separation of tasks that allow individuals to focus on areas in which they excel.

There are different critical aspects of Search Engine Optimization that must be perfectly and strategically handled to ensure the achievement of the overall goal. Because of the importance of these different aspects, it is expected that each of them will be the assigned task of individual members of the unit.

A few examples of these critical aspects of SEO include:

  • Overall Strategy – This will usually be determined by the unit headed by an SEO Director, Chief strategist, project manager or any other name by which the department head will be known. This is basically the overall head of the unit.
  • Keyword Research – This is at the heart of SEO and will affect practically every other activity that the team will engage in.
  • Content Creation – This is another highly important aspect of SEO that must be handled by a specific team member or a different group entirely.
  • Content Marketing, Blog Outreach, and Link Building – This refers to the strategic publication of content that have been created for maximum impact and link building.
  • On-Page SEO – This covers optimization steps taken on the website. These include UX (user experience), technical optimization, keyword optimization, design, and layout as well as other things.
  • Social Media Marketing – As part of your company’s off-page SEO endeavors, your social media platforms must be strategically managed and in sync with your overall objective.
  • SEM and other PPC Campaigns – Search Engine Marketing refers to your paid ads on search engines which have to be combined with other paid Ad campaigns on other platforms.
  • Analytics and Reporting – This handles the day to day evaluation of the overall efforts, finding out what is working and what is not, how much is spent and the ROI, keywords that are performing and those that are not, etc.

The ideal team will have experts in these various areas, each focusing on achieving set goals that will result in the department achieving its overall goal.

Are You Getting the Results You Desire?

We are still trying to find out if you will need a Sacramento SEO expert to come train your team. If you have looked at the section above and you can say with confidence that you do indeed have a team dedicated to handling your company’s search engine optimization tasks, then you should answer this next question to know if you need help.

Are you getting the result you expect?

It’s one thing to have a team but an entirely different thing to have an effective one. If you have a team but you are not getting the result you want to get, then you most certainly need to get someone to see what they are doing and possibly point them in the right direction.

If you are asking to know if your team needs training, then it is likely you are asking because you are not getting the results you want so just go ahead and get them trained.

On the other hand, if after reading through the section above you suddenly realize that what you have is not an SEO team but a pseudo team, then you can begin to build a team the right way (if you have the budget for it). Conversely, you can simply get an agency to handle your SEO efforts. This second option will be more cost effective and you can also begin to see results faster.

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