Creating An Opt-In Page

Email marketing works and remains one of the best ways to get potential prospects. However, before you even send an email, you need people to sign up for your email list. This is where an opt-in page comes in.


What is an opt-in page?

This is a page on your site designed to convert visitors or users into subscribers. This is done with the help of a lead magnet. It is a technique marketers use to get people to share more data with them. Remember data is everything when you want to make a sale. Insights from the data shared help create customized and personalized email campaigns.


Opt-in pages versus landing pages

The two pages look similar but are not the same. Landing pages are usually long and use images, several Call-to-Action, and details to sell products. Opt-in pages on the other hand are practical gifts with a lead magnet that gets people to subscribe.

In simple words, opt-in pages convert prospects into leads. This is different from a landing page that tries to sell to leads.


How to create an opt-in page

Opt-in pages vary from one brand to another but with the sole aim of landing a lead. You need to offer value for a visitor to sign up. Companies need to include three essential elements in their pages to create high-converting opt-in pages. These include:

Create a value preposition – Explain to the users what they stand to gain by joining the community. The best opt-in pages need to include a lead magnet. The lead magnate offers something useful like a free e-book, free trial service, or a free ticket to an event.

Add a lead form – Next, you need to add a lead form where users can share personal data in exchange for the gift. The data form should not be too long as people don’t have time to fill long forms. Make sure there is enough balance between the offer and the data you ask for.

Include a clear CTA – There should be a clear call-to-action button the takes the user to the next steps. This can be downloading the free e-book or something else.


Final thoughts

The steps above show a tried-and-tested way to create an opt-in page that works. However, audiences vary from brand to brand. You can perform a split test and see what best works in your business. This includes making changes to the headline, CTAs, offers, and color buttons.