Creating A Tripwire Page

Are conversion rates for your business good? You might be getting visitors to your site but that does not translate to sales. There are people out there with excellent products to sell but with no customers. If you’re one such person, then creating a tripwire page might be the solution.


What is a tripwire offer?

This is an entry-level offer which is usually less than $50. The offer is presented to visitors just after they signup to get your lead magnet. A tripwire offer aims to turn prospects into immediate customers and generate income for a business.

Most businesses offer freebies to entice people to join their mailing list. Having a great mailing list is great. However, it does not make any sense if the list does not lead to buying customers.  A tripwire offer is a great strategy to get a new customer and make some passive income.


How to create my first tripwire offer?

While there is great software out there to help you make your first tripwire offer, you don’t need them. You can make your first tripwire page without any help. The following are needed to make your first tripwire offer:

  • Freebie or lead magnet
  • A page to present your tripwire offer and the buy now button
  • You need a place where visitors can sign up for the freebie or lead magnet
  • A product that can be delivered electronically to be offered as the tripwire offer
  • Ways for people to pay and automatically received their tripwire offer


Steps to making a tripwire page

Start by examining your products or service line. Know the products you offer and the ones that make the most sales. This will help you understand what motivates your audience.

Narrow down on products or services with most sales to make the basis for the tripwire offer.

Next, you need to create a new sales conversion that costs much less but with a lot of value.

Start an email campaign for customers to buy the new offer. The product needs to be featured throughout the website.

You can also add a lead magnet to get more emails.

When making a tripwire page, there are essential elements that the page should have. You don’t want a tripwire page that does not convert.


Essential components of a tripwire page

  • The offer must be relevant to the lead magnet
  • The price must be entry-level
  • Let prospects know this is a one-off opportunity for a limited period



Creating a tripwire page is a great way to add to your income. A tripwire offer can also convert customers that had stopped buying from you.

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