Creating A Book Sales Page

Once your book is written, edited, formatted, and designed, it is ready for sale. Most authors will just put their book on Amazon and wait to make a sale. However, you can market and sell your book better from your hands. This is done by creating a book sales page.

While Amazon is a great platform to sell your book, you should send your readers to your sales page first. This is a great way to represent your book in the best light possible. Creating a top-notch sales page for your book can help you make more sales.

Below, we discuss steps to take when creating a book sales page.

Create a book summary at the top

You need to create a summary of the book at the top. This includes the book title and covers saying you’re selling the book. Here are important details to include in the summary:

  • A title that conveys what the book is about
  • An engaging cover
  • At least three compelling reasons why readers should buy your book

Smart publishers use these three points when looking at the right manuscripts to acquire and invest in. While a book needs to be good, it also needs to be marketable.

Buy Now Section

Just below the title, cover, and selling points, you need a ‘BUY NOW’ button. This is the right place to direct your readers to buy the book. Some readers are easily satisfied by the book information and can decide to buy it right away.

You don’t want to lose a sale by having the reader scroll through the entire page before they can place an order. A spontaneous impulse on a consumer-ready to make an order can vaporize their intentions.


Adding value section

Next, you need to have a section that adds value to your book. This section is for low-level skeptics that want to be sure they are making the right decision. Most readers will have some interest and have read the first part. However, they will need some convincing to follow through and place an order.

Tell the reader more about the book and include two reviews. Book reviews add credibility as people want to buy something that is tested and proven. Add sections telling the reader what they will learn and why they should read the book.

Add book details

In this section, you need to show some sections of your book to your potential readers. You can offer a free chapter and give your reader a feel of what they can expect.

About the author and sign off

Lastly, you need to tell the readers about yourself as the author. This helps build trust and grow your brand. You can then sign off with a repeated cover image and another ‘BUY NOW’ button.

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