Best Platforms for Creating a Membership Site

Online businesses that aren’t based on a service will involve selling a product. One of the least used ways to create a community around products is creating a membership platform. A membership platform will allow you to promote new ideas, create a community of people who are willing to test your new ideas and products and create a group of people who will encourage others to use your products.
If you’ve ever considered creating a membership site, here are the best platforms to use to get your website up off the ground and bringing in recurring revenue for your business.


MemberPress is a WordPress Membership Plugin that is incredibly easy to use. The powerful software is simple to install on your site, and it helps you to start charging for access to your content instantly. It allows you to create an unlimited number of product pages and membership levels, as well as giving you access to features like coupon module.
It also provides access rules that let you create sophisticated membership levels and product groups that will provide you with the option to create a large-scale membership site.

Digital Access Pass

Digital Access Pass is another plugin that works with WordPress to create sophisticated membership sites. The great thing about DigitalAccessPass is that you can also use it with non-WordPress sites. It has a built-in Content Responder to drip content to your members, email autoresponder, and many other features that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Sub Hub

SubHub has become a popular platform for businesses that are looking to establish membership features for their premium content, online courses, and even research studies. If you offer a range of content the Pay to View feature can allow you to provide visitors with a way to get what they want without having to pay a recurring membership fee, which can end up attracting more customers.
With an extensive directory of templates, you can create a site that reflects your vision and mission.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is an incredibly popular software option with non-profits, small business hubs, small yacht clubs, and other small-scale organizations that need a simple to use platform. Wild Apricot allows you to create a website quickly with the drag and drop website builder, a mobile-friendly member application and automate renewals and active member self-service to update information. The software even integrates member-only content into existing WordPress Sites.
These are just some of the available platforms for building a membership site. Take some time to research to determine which platform will work best for your website.

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