Living The Dream

Want to hear how an average normal run of the mill girl from Caldwell, NJ ended up living on the beach in southern Italy? Well, grab a cup of tea (a cuppa for my English friends) and check out my story below.

From Jersey To The Beach In Italy

I had what most people would call a dream life in New Jersey. I had a great job. I worked with celebrities. I got to travel to exotic places. But yet. Something always felt off. I always felt like something just wasn’t quite right. Like something was missing.

On my first trip to Italy, I realized what it was. I was on the wrong continent. It was as simple as that. And so, when I found out that I could move to Italy and become a resident and citizen (my father is from Italy), well, let’s just say it didn’t take me long to start packing.

I sold everything I owned, booked a one way ticket, and decided to take my little hobby of web design and make it my new career. I would love to tell you that I moved here and instantly everything fell into place. The stars aligned and I was a mega success in a matter of weeks.

That’s not the case. But I did start learning a new language, a new way of living, and learning everything I could about web design. I spent day and night on my computer working on websites and helping my clients grow their business. It took a while, but eventually I woke up one day and realized I had done it. 

For the last ten years, I have been living in my home on the beach in southern Italy running Stephanie LaTorre designs. We’ve helped 1000’s of entrepreneurs with their websites and growing their businesses so that they can live their dream as well. 

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