5 Signs It’s Time To Refresh Your Website

We all know that just about everything is online anymore. Between almost everyone having internet access in their homes and all the places you can get free Wi-Fi on top of the fact that we all almost have smartphones in our pockets with the ability to access the internet, indeed, the internet is anywhere and everywhere. So, it is no surprise that any companies or organizations wanting to be successful know they need to have a website. However, it does not end there in a society of ever-changing technology you can not just put a website together and leave it there for twenty years without advancements to the site and expect to be successful. So, when do you need to update your page? Well, I will give you five signs you need to refresh your website.

#1 People aren’t spending much time on your website


When there is a low amount of time spent on your page it is time for an update no matter how much traffic you have with people finding your page, if your metrics show that the average amount of time spent on your page is low then something needs to change. That is because potential customers are finding the page, but then they are not engaging in your page for long.

#2 They can’t see your site on mobile


When your site is not easily used on different devices. Needs to work as well on a computer browser as it does on a phone.

#3 They can’t find you on social!


When your webpage does not have links to your social media. As we have come to enjoy technology more and more as time has gone on. The way social media is used has changed. It for so much more than just seeing pictures of your brother kid’s. It is an expectation that companies and organizations have social media.

#4 It’s been a while since from the last refresh your website


If your website has not been updated in a few years. The truth is we are always learning more information every day on every subject and information that is several years old will not still be correct and the layout will not be engaging.

#5 You don’t want to send people to your website


If you are at all hesitant or embarrassed to give your website address. This should be your pride and joy and you should be glad to give it out. Go and get it updated so you can share it with pride.

If your website needs a refresh, check out our One Day Website package and see just how easy it can be to have a beautiful website that helps you grow your business!

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