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2019 Search Engine Optimization Guide: Tips to get you good rankings

If you are running a company and you have a website for it, then you probably know that search engine optimization is an important thing when it comes to your website’s strategy.

However, since many search engines are continuing to make some changes to their algorithms to try and improve the user’s searching experiences, it is important for business owners and marketers to be updated on the latest trends in SEO so as to continue ranking higher on search engines.

As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, there are a few trends that you can still use to improve your web rankings and enable you to bring more leads as you try to promote your business. Below are a few of them. Check out more here http://profitsurgeseo.com

  • Pick a good keyword and focus on that

The very first thing you will need to do is to pick a great search term that you would like your post to show up for. It is best if you first know what people would be searching for when looking for a particular topic.

For instance, if you wanted to write something on best toys for small boys, you will need to do some research and find out what words people often search for. You can do this by using tools search as Google Keyword Planner.

This way, you will see how many times a certain keyword has been searched and that’s how you can be able to pick great keywords to use. Click here to know more on how you can find yourself great keywords.

  • Research the competition

After finding the best keywords that you want to use, the research doesn’t stop there. You can go undercover and try to find out what your competitors are missing and try to see if you can do better than them.

Most people will often do this by using their browser in private mode or incognito so that the search engine will not be able to have any influence on whatever they are seeing on the results page.

Your competition will now be whatever you are seeing on the first page if you ignore any ads at the top.

  • The best content

Well, after finding out who your competitors are and what they have, you need to now go back and try to find a way in which you can come up with a content that is going to be better than theirs.

This might seem to be the hardest yet the most important part. The content you have must be amazing, remember you need to beat your competitors.

It doesn’t matter what content you are making, whether it is sales landing page, e-commerce store page or just a blog post, it just has to be a masterpiece.

It is important to have a great content or else you won’t be able to get any good rankings and that means nobody will be able to notice your business too.

  • Use the keyword in your page titles

Do I even need to stress on this? Anyway, let me go ahead and just state the obvious. It is important to also include the keyword in your titles.

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same exact words, but you can go head and use the exact words still. On top of that, you also need to have a catchy phrase for your titles that will make people want to click on it.

In short, make your titles to be much more interesting to attract more traffic rather than something so boring and plain that wouldn’t bring you ant traffic.

  • Put the keywords in the headers

Just as you are supposed to use the keywords in your page titles, you need to use them in the headers too.

When organizing a web page, it is a good practice to always have a good title at the top followed by some sub-titles.

This is always important not only for the blog post articles, but it also helps in showing what your content is all about. This therefore will require you to use your keyword phrase exactly as it is at least once in your sub-titles.

  • Internal links

If you don’t have the best contents, no one will even bother to visit your page. But if you are having a best SEO content, you can also go ahead and link them internally to other pages on the site.

Since you will be linking to other older posts, you should also consider editing some of them as you include the links to the new great contents you just created.

If the posts are good and of high quality, this will guarantee you more new traffic and if you keep on linking the contents internally to other posts, you will be retaining the traffic you have already acquired.


If the environment around you is changing, you also need to change or adopt to the changes so as to fit in. As a business owner, you need to know the importance of SEO to a business hence be on the lookout for any new trends to help you improve your business.

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